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FIA forms “crisis cell” as spread of Coronavirus causes more race cancellations

2020 F1 season

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The FIA has established a “crisis cell” in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, which caused further race cancellations today.

Earlier today Formula E scrapped its second 2020 race date due to the virus. The rounds in Sanya, China and Rome, Italy will not go ahead as planned, though the series hopes to reinstate them to later dates.

Several other championships have also cancelled or postponed races. Motorcycle series, which are outside the FIA’s jurisdiction, have been particularly hard hit. Moto GP has cancelled its opening two rounds and the World Superbike has also lost one event.

FIA Medical Commission president professor Gerard Saillant gave a presentation on the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak to the FIA World Motor Sport Council today.

“An FIA Crisis Cell has been established and convenes every second day to consider the latest developments around the world,” said the WMSC in a statement.

“The FIA continues to closely monitor the situation and its implications, together with its member clubs and promoters, and follows the advice of relevant authorities including governments and the World Health Organization.

“The FIA will evaluate the calendar of its forthcoming competitions and take any action required to help protect the global motor sport community and the wider public, including the postponement of competitions where necessary.

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Major races cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus

March 6 – March 8Moto GPQatar Grand PrixLosail International CircuitQatar
March 13 – March 15World SuperbikesQatarLosail International CircuitQatar
March 21 – March 21Formula ESanya EPrixSanyaChina
March 20 – March 22Moto GPThailand Grand PrixBuriram International CircuitThailand
March 21 – March 22Super TaikyuRound oneSuzukaJapan
April 4 – April 4Formula ERome EprixRomeItaly
April 4 – April 5Super FormulaRound oneSuzukaJapan
April 17 – April 19Formula 1Chinese Grand PrixShanghai International CircuitChina
April 17 – April 19Porsche Carrera Cup AsiaShanghai roundShanghai International CircuitChina
April 17 – April 19Chinese Formula FourShanghai roundShanghai International CircuitChina

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2020 F1 season

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  • 14 comments on “FIA forms “crisis cell” as spread of Coronavirus causes more race cancellations”

    1. As a medical professional, we’re pretty much at the point we’ve lost containment. My hospital, and every other hospital I know are all making plans for how inundated our ICUs are going to be.

      At some point, global sporting events will have to make hard decisions on large scale public gathering to help temper the ongoing spread. F1, being truly international will be highly prone to disruption. I cannot see how we are going to have a full season go ahead. If Covid-19 is still in full swing come the European season, tough calls will need to be made.

      1. There never was any containment. Its just local politicians closing a few events and isolating a boat now and then at random. Its just a joke.

    2. It’s possible Coronavirus cannot be stopped from spreading. In that case, I expect sporting events will carry on regardless.

      Discuss !

      1. That’s pretty much my opinion too. The world is not prepared to take the full measures that would be required to stop it spreading, and whilst limiting large public gatherings might help slow it, the millions of people in closed air buildings at work each day far outweighs the number attending large sporting events.

        That and the fact that too many $$ are at stake I’m inclined to think that there will be very few events cancelled.

        1. Hopefully the world can get through the panic phase and get to a point where preventative measures, transmission, treatment, etc. is better understood so appropriate actions can be taken rather than all the knee-jerk stuff that may or may not help (or may even make things worse). People are literally worrying themselves sick, not sick with covid necessarily, but with anxiety and that can certainly weaken their immune system and make them more vulnerable.

    3. Expect all races to be cancelled for the next six months.

    4. MB (@muralibhats)
      7th March 2020, 3:38

      They would need another crisis cell for the Ferrari engine settlement blunder too!

      1. Is it any worse than ordinary flu? Why such panic? How many here are wearing bags on their heads and stocking up with toilet paper? Toilet Paper! What the…? It’s all good news for chemists and supermarkets though. Oh and Big pharma.

        1. COVID19 mortality rate is thought to be between 1.4% and 2.3%. “Ordinairy” flu is about 0.1%. So in real terms it’s about 1400% to 2300% more lethal!

          I believe if you wrap yourself in (unused) toilet paper, and don’t bare any skin at all then you reduce the chances of catching it by 0.0023%. Hence the rush on bog roll…

          1. You should adjust those numbers to next to nothing in countires with healthcare.

    5. With the lockdown in Italy Ferrari HQ is affected. Could seriously mean Ferrari staff won’t be able to leave Italy.. massive implications for at least the next month of the F1 season surely?!

    6. How will Ferrari cope with the projected lock down of Lombardy?

    7. Calling it a Crisis “Cell” is going to get the FIA closely watched by the CIA.

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