Racing games usually come in one of two different types ?ǣ ??arcade?-style games with greatly simplified handling and very short races, and ?simulation? games which strive to recreate the driving and racing experience as accurately as possible, but are less good for short-term thrills.

We review and rate some of the best racing games – Formula One and beyond.

Publisher Title
Format Year Verdict
Codemasters F1 2010 Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC 2010
Codemasters F1 2009 Nintendo Wii 2009
Codemasters F1 2009 Sony PSP 2009
SCEE F1 06 PlayStation 2 2006
SCEE F1 05 PlayStation 2 2005
Infogrames Grand Prix 4
PC CD-ROM 2004
Polyphony Gran Turismo 4
PlayStation 2