Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Buddh International Circuit, 2013

Alonso: Red Bull & Vettel “deserve to be champions”

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Buddh International Circuit, 2013Fernando Alonso gave his congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull after their championship victories in the Indian Grand Prix.

“I think congratulate him, they’ve been very strong, very dominant, especially the second part of the season so they deserve to be champions and congratulations,” Alonso told the BBC.

“Obviously we need to start thinking for next year and hopefully try to make things a little bit more difficult for him.”

Alonso was the only driver who could keep Vettel from the title going into this weekend’s race but his chances took a dive at the start when he damaged his front wing on Mark Webber’s car.

“Obviously not a clear start. I was a little bit unlucky because I think Mark also was having a contact with someone and then the third part was me in that equation,” he said.

“With [Jenson] Button as well in corner four is was a little bit of mixed start.”

“The race was uphill from that moment because we were last with one stop more compared to the others already done so difficult race and not enough pace.”

Alonso said his attempt to recover was hindered by the damage he had picked up.

“It was damaged, I think the front toe or something because the steering wheel was very heavy to the right corners and very light to the left so it was something going on there.

“You know it was not only that problem I think the overall weekend was not good enough and in Abu Dhabi we need to improve if we want to pass Mercedes in the constructors’ championship.”

Rivals add praise for Vettel

Button, Vettel’s predecessor as world champion in 2009, added his congratulations. “That?óÔéĽÔäós very impressive,” he said, “especially to win four in a row”.

“His team did a great job, Adrian Newey demonstrated how good he is, and Seb finished it off nicely with a win.”

Lewis Hamilton, who won the championship the year before Button, said: “Massive congratulations to Seb on becoming four-time world champion today. That’s an awesome achievement and he’s put in some incredible performances this season.”

“I really hope we get to take the fight to him next year.”

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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10 comments on “Alonso: Red Bull & Vettel “deserve to be champions””

  1. Good sportsmanship from Alonso :)
    I love this spirit from him and from Hamilton

    1. I don’t see how anyone could even begin to question Vettel’s and RBR’s worthiness. They have been head and shoulders above everybody else once they found their feet after a pretty average start to the season (on RBR’s part, Vettel still got the job done).

      1. +1

        I think this statement was made more to move the spotlights from his bad strategy/race and the lose of 2nd position in the WCC.

  2. when he damaged his front wing on Mark Webber’s car.???!!??

    1. Yup ! Had he qualified higher, very probably that would have been avoided. He seemed fast enough to quali 2nd, or at least give a try. I think Ferrari are going in the wrong way regarding the quali. Look at Mercedes: they did not seem fast enough for the 1st row this race, but that didn’t stop them to try their best.

  3. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    27th October 2013, 18:32

    Finally, sensible words from a great driver, even when as a person I usually don’t like his way, who can’t admit he is a great racer? Waiting to see his duels with Kimi next year.

  4. And he can still use his Helmet next race:-) FIA should be very happy with his innovative cost cutting. Trying to please every single one..

    1. @astonished
      Exactly. A cost cutting Vettel fails to do completely. After he decided to retire each helmet after a win, he just started winning every single bloody race. FIA should ban him from the top step of the podium simply as a cost saving measure : D

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        28th October 2013, 14:15

        @mads or he can race with a cyclin helmet to save costs :P

  5. Alonso was the only driver who could keep Vettel from the title going into this weekend’s race but his chances took a dive at the start when he damaged his front wing on Mark Webber’s car.

    His chances took a dive when RedBull, Lotus, Mercedes and Massa turned up at the racetrack.

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