3 comments on “Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Spa-Francorchamps, 2012”

  1. Such a sweet picture as a Vettel fan, I’m very glad he wasn’t injured though. Just goes to show that possibly covered canopies are the right way to go with incidents like that.

    1. What a sick comment!! You actually take pleasure in the misfortune and near-tragedy of Vettel’s competitors???? Unbelievable! I suggest you look up the definition of ‘Sportsmanship’ and see if you can possibly adjust your twosted, revolting view of the world!

      1. Calm down. He’s just saying how as a Vettel fan, seeing a retirement at long last from Alonso, knowing he’s ok, is rather a nice thing.

        Also speaking in pure photography terms, not the content, that is a very cool photo.

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