Derek Warwick, 2011

Derek Warwick elected as new BRDC president

2011 F1 season

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Derek Warwick, 2011
Derek Warwick, 2011

Derek Warwick has been elected as the new president of the British Racing Drivers Club.

He takes over as BRDC president from Damon Hill, who oversaw the signing of a new 17-year contract for Silverstone to host the British Grand Prix.

Warwick said: “First and foremost I would like to thank Damon for the loyalty and commitment he has shown to the BRDC during his time as President. He steered us through some difficult, but ultimately successful times and my aim is to continue where Damon left off.

“The BRDC and Silverstone face an exciting future. We now have a 21st century race circuit with 21st century facilities. Over the next five to ten years we have the opportunity to continue developing Silverstone into the best motor sport venue in the world.”

Outgoing president Hill said: “The task of securing the British Grand Prix for Great Britain, through the continued development of Silverstone as the rightful and only viable venue for the British Grand Prix, has been the preoccupation of my presidency by necessity.

“However, I hope I have also been successful in reminding the club of its original purpose, which has been to promote the benefits and positive attributes of our sport to the widest audience, and also to strengthen relations within the sport for the benefit of all concerned.

“Derek Warwick has lived the life of a professional racing driver and reached the very top of his profession. He knows what it takes to win, and he knows what if feels like to lose. I believe that this Club should always have at its helm a racing driver who has lived that life. Derek will, I have absolutely no doubt, serve this club with the same determination and integrity with which he displayed to the world as a professional racing driver.

“Many congratulations to Derek on becoming the next BRDC president. I wish him and the club every success for the future.”

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9 comments on “Derek Warwick elected as new BRDC president”

  1. A good choice hopefully. His long-term experience of F1, as well as being a ‘current’ enough figure to be selected as a FIA driver steward shows he should be well contacted to maintain Silverstone’s F1 interests. His years in the BTCC should also mean he has a good grasp of the more domestic championships that run in Britain and the importance of keeping all the country’s smaller circuits running. Best of luck to him

  2. Looks like Derek fits right in, cerainly what he intends to work on at the BRDC sounds good. Lets hope it all works out and the UK can boast a super facility for another few decades!

  3. I’m sure Derek will do a good job and wish him every success.

  4. Second favourite driver of my childhood, after John Cleland =D

  5. Good news :) He sure has plenty to live up to!

  6. Good choice – former British Formula 3 champ, World Sportscar champ, F1 “expert” steward, lots of experience in F1 (mostly pretty bad though).

    He’s a bit like Nick Heidfeld – never won an F1 race, always involved in bad decisions, often not his own. He had much better luck in racing outside F1.

  7. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    26th August 2011, 15:14

    Top bloke. The Lotus veto from Senna said it all.

    1. Oh yes, I’d forgotten that – mid eighties. Real Lotus, real Senna… quite a compliment.

      Warwick was really unlucky never to win. He came so close. If memory serves me, at the time he was called “the best driver never to have won a race”.

      1. Just did a search for more info – Wikipedia page is good. Stats at the bottom are amazing – he only finished twice in his first two seasons!
        And only qualified once in his first season – must have been in some really poor machinery.

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