Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Bahrain, 2010

Bahrain hopes to host F1 “in very near future”

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Today I’m going to Thruxton to watch the British Touring Car Championship.

I know a few F1 Fanatic readers are heading there so leave a note in the comments or via Twitter if you want to say hi in person.

Here’s today’s round-up:


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

2011 Gulf Air Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Statement (Facebook)

“Bahrain?s Grand Prix is a time of celebration and hosting the race is a source of great pride for Bahrain and Bahrainis. It is a showcase to the world and we look forward to welcoming the teams and drivers and everyone involved in Formula One back to Bahrain in the very near future.”

Force India’s Paul di Resta takes debut season day by day as Mercedes rumours abound (Daily Telegraph)

“Obviously I am close to Mercedes. They have had a huge influence on my career and I?m very grateful to them. It is great that people are talking but at the same time I have got to keep progressing.”

S Korean tyremaker eyes front of the grid (FT)

“South Korea?s Hankook Tire […] will replace Dunlop as the official tyre supplier to DTM, a Europe-wide tour of 10 races, from next month. It sees this as a springboard for succeeding Pirelli as the F1 supplier from 2014, when the Italian company?s three-year contract ends.”

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Comment of the day

Spud has got his tickets for Silverstone:

Right, so literally just ten minutes ago I booked myself ticket for the Gold Weekend Uncovered seat at Village A. I had been threatening to do this for the longest time so I just decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I am travelling on my own and meeting up with fellow F1 fans from Twitter for the weekend. I have never met any of them in person and that is part of the excitement!

This will be my first ever race ever so I don’t really know what to expect but I?m just gonna roll with it anyway and we?ll see how things pan out. I will definitely make this a regular thing though.

It would be cool to meet some other characters from here to if you are up for it.

It would be so cool to meet the faces behind the avatars and sign in names.

If you’re going too head over to the discussion page to find everyone else who is:

From the forum

Paulgilb asks what do you miss about F1 compared to 2006? My answer: not much.

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Today is 17 years since Ayrton Senna was killed during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Senna is the last F1 driver to have lost his life during a race.

A film about his life was released at the end of last year and is in the process of opening in countries around the world. Here in the UK the film opens on June 3rd:

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  • 36 comments on “Bahrain hopes to host F1 “in very near future””

    1. Seems odd that the Senna movie is only a month away after hearing about for ages.

      No idea what to make of the Bahrain statement, but I hope it’s done and dusted either way by Monday evening. This stalling for time smacks of hoping to be ready instead of knowing they can pull it off.

    2. 17 years ago today, the greatest driver of all time Ayrton Senna was tragically killed at the wheel of his F1 car. Multiple race victories and 3 World Championships ensure this sporting LEGEND will never be forgotten.
      Rest in Piece, Ayrton.

    3. Cornflakes
      1st May 2011, 0:42

      With a bit of luck by the time Shumi finishes his contract, Mercedes will have established themselves and be fighting for wins and Paul can show his worth and true potential in what will hopefully be a very competitive team with Brawn.

      1. I think ignoring the Red Bull team, the Merc is already quite a competitive car.

        I’m not convinced Di Resta is as good as people are saying, I mean he is good no doubt about it, but so is Hulkenburg and Kobayashi.

        1. i think di Resta beat Kobayashi in some jr formula when they were team mates… not totally sure though

          1. Oh yeah, Kobayashi was horrible before F1.

            I dunno what happened but something went right when he got into F1.

          2. If my memory serves me correctly I think Di Resta also beat Vettel a few years ago in some lower series. However, that was then.

            1. Let’s wait and see if he can do so again.

        2. I’m with Mike on this one. Di Resta so far is nothing more than another driver on the grid. He has done nothing but beat his team mate, which is nothing special considering every team has one.

          The reason everyone has noticed him is because the BBC presenters purposefulness mention him every second lap and interview him after and before every race. You cant blame them for trying to promote a driver of their nationality, but you have to also take note and be wary of the extra (and somewhat unfair) airtime he is receiving compared to his peers who have accomplished more on race days.

          On top of that, I hate his name. Di Resta? Seriously? Thats not even an English surname, is it?

          1. Bigbadderboom
            1st May 2011, 11:34

            He’s Scottish, not English. And the BBC are right to draw attention to a breakthrough British F1 driver, as you would expect Japanese broadcasters to focus on Koby. Di Resta has a very good pedigree and has shown promise, with good, consistant, mature drives. I don’t understand why some people feel the need to be so negative about him, he has done nothing wrong yet, and to anyone who has watched F1 for over 20 years like myself, seeing young, talented drivers is far more refreshing than watching old past it drivers taking up valuable drives.

          2. Actually I consider his F1 career so far to be solid at least. He beat his teammate in qualifying, with less track time in FP at all events so far.
            I think his DTM experience, where there are some cunning competitors with years of experience might have been good preparation to make the lap stick when it matters.

            And he has already shown he does not drop it during the race. Sure there will be rookie mistakes during the year, but really doing fine for now.

            As for the BBC, sure they like to have a british rookie on the grid to ensure brits will be there for some time. I don’t mind his name and surely it makes more sense to talk about him than about Belgian ‘D Amdbrosio trundling around in the Virgin.

            The third rookie, Perez has had ample coverage as well so far, so nothing to complain about.

      2. Well it’s going to be an awkward one. If Schumi finds form in a race winning car he’s going to carry on. You’re only as young as you feel so Di Resta might end up having to wait a couple more years for that chance.

        I’ve got a feeling if Schumi can get a podium it will invigorate him too push for more.

    4. You’re going to the BTCC race, eh Keith?

      By the way, have a look at the new TC2000 Chevrolet Cruze, presented last week. How come the WTCC/BTCC version is so horrid compared to that :P?

        1. Who’s bright idea was it to put pristene white paint behind the exhaust opening?

          1. I can’t seem to see Eddie Jordan in the picture… He isn’t good with colours…

    5. RIP Senna & all the other F1 drivers who have lost their life for entertaining us.

    6. What I miss about 2006?
      Kimi Raikkonnen!

    7. R.I.P. Ayrton, you’re missed every single day by the motor racing community…

    8. *claps hands* Tire war! Tire war! Tire war!
      2 Tire suppliers from 1014 on? I don’t see them replacing pirelli otherwise. Unless pirelli themselves quit.

      1. No chance of another tyre war, just another tyre supplier. Pirelli’s contract runs out after three years and then another tyre supplier takes their place. That’s how it works when you have a control tyre regulation.

      2. I can’t see a tyre war being a good thing.

      3. Can’t see it happening. They need to stick with one tyre to control cornering speeds. The alternative (bringing back grooved tyres) is not attractive.

    9. Just to remind everyone IndyCar will have its Sao Paulo street race at 12:00 ET (5pm UK)

      1. I just put up live quali timing. Looks good.

        1. sorry thats final practice off course.

          I love their free access online race control overview with the times and track positions.

    10. Did any one see the V8 Supercar Race from Barbagallo? There was an absolutly horrific accident on the start grid. Karl Reindler stalled on the grid and was hit dirrectly behind by Steve Owen, rupturing the fuel cell with both cars bursting into flames.

      Thankfully both escaped serious injury with Reidler only having superficial burns.

      Story Here: http://www.v8supercars.com.au/newsarticle/v8-supercar-drivers-reindler-and-owen-cleared-of-any-serious-injury/tabid/70/newsid/11212/default.aspx

      Video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFG05xRM8Qw

      1. Yes, it was shocking to see it live, it was so good to see him get out of the car.

      2. Holy Smokes!

    11. I’m reading ‘The Life of Senna’ at the moment. What a brilliant but ultimately tragic story.

      Oh and a nice ambiguous statement from Bahrain!

      1. As a Senna non-fan, I spent most of Prost v Senna mentally jeering him. Then I got to the last chapter and just felt incredibly sad.

    12. Interesting notion about Hankook looking at supplying F1 tyres in the future. That article shows there was some truth to the rumours they were interested a year ago.

      I hope they can prove themselves in DTM and other categories first, as I am pretty sure that they will get the deal after pirelli’s ends, for having more money available to spend at F1.

    13. Paul Gilbert
      1st May 2011, 12:44

      :) at my first mention in a round-up!

      Apparently it is also the anniversary of motorsport’s first ever F1 fatality (in 1898).

      1. That’s quite an eerie statistic if true! It’s like how Dimebag Darrell was shot on the anniversary of John Lennon’s death

    14. What sort of reputation have Hankook Tire got exactly? I havent heard of these guys before. At this very early stage I cannot see why we would want to replace Pirelli. They’ve done a fantastic job. Will it be a case of selling out to the highest bidder come 2014?

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