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Ferrari have launched their 2011 F1 car at their base in Maranello.

The car was launched with several 2010 aerodynamic parts visible including the front and rear wings.

The team’s new Scuderia Ferrari logo features prominently on the engine cover.

Ferrari F150 launch pictures

Chief designer Nikolas Tombazis explained some of the key changes and design features on the new car:

This car had to be reviewed hugely due to the new regulations.

The front part is similar to the one from last year but we will introduce some changes during our tests.

As you can see the front part of the chassis has been raised and the suspension, too, we have studied the lower part in order to improve the flow underneath the car which is very important for performance.

And due to the raiding of the frame the driver will be sitting in a higher position and you can see also the engine snorkel is a bit higher in order to have the same performance.

If you look back on the sides you have stronger indentation in the lower part and in the central part you can see that. We have introduced KERS in the area of the fuel tank.

If we go back a little bit more we have different behaviour in terms of the diffuser. We have tried to improve this structure in aerodynamic terms so the diffuser is completely reviewed in the light of the new regulations. It’s lower, it’s far simpler because the regulations are stricter.

And obviously we have this mobile rear flap. This is the first evolution and main target is controlling the operations of it, there will be strong development in that.
Nikolas Tombazis

Ferrari gave further details about the design of the car:

At first glance, the front part of the F150 monocoque appears to be higher than that of the F10. The openings for the side air intakes are reduced in size, while the layout of the dynamic one above the driver’s head has been modified.

The rear suspension features a new design, while that at the front has been modified, following changes to the front part of the chassis. The exhaust system layout is similar to that adopted for the second half of last season and the cooling system has had to take into account the return of KERS and the new air exit ducts.

The braking system has been completely redesigned in collaboration with Brembo.

As the freeze on engine performance development is still ongoing, there have been no actual modifications to the 056 engine, but that does not mean Ferrari’s engine specialists have been idle. Work has gone into improving reliability, working especially on the pneumatic front, as well as on reducing costs.

Furthermore, the reintroduction of KERS has led to a substantial change in the architecture of the front end of the engine, with modifications to the drive shaft system of the KERS itself and the crankshaft and this has led to changes to the cooling and lubrication systems.

The kinetic energy recovery system, designed by Ferrari, has been produced in conjunction with MTS and Magneti Marelli and was fine tuned based on experience acquired in 2009, with the aim of reducing its size and weight, while maintaining, in accordance with the regulations, the maximum use-able power and its usage cycle over one lap. This is another area where great attention has been paid to cost reduction, both in terms of its development and the way it is run, so as to make the system equally viable for our customer teams, Sauber and Toro Rosso.

The positioning of the KERS within the fuel cell was a further impetus to look at solutions aimed at reducing fuel consumption: in this area, the contribution from a key partner in the form of Shell was vital and will continue to be so throughout the season.

They confirmed they have not followed the lead of Red Bull by using pull-rod suspension: the F150 retains a push-rod configuration.

The F150 is the first F1 car of 2011 to be revealed.

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213 comments on “Ferrari F150 launch – first pictures and video”

  1. It doesn’t look very different than last years, i hope its fast :) thanx for the picture.

    1. View it more as a launch of their livery. ;)

      1. Yeah all I can see is that the top is more flat than before.

        1. there are quite a few differences if you look closely; the nose, the rear wing endplates, the airbox, etc.

          1. And the camera mount in the front.

        2. We really need those side by side photos, similar to the ones done last year.

  2. i dont think that rear wing was from 2010 it has even that mechanism to lower it down in the midlle

    1. miguelF1O (@)
      28th January 2011, 12:05

      its the new fia regulations movable wing

  3. Looks the same except for the new logo.

  4. Keith, there’s been a horrible, horrible mistake! This isn’t the Ferrari F150. This is the Ferrari F10! Are you sure you weren’t at last year’s presentation by mistake?

    1. It’s got last year’s front wings on.

      1. It is the F150, just look at the ugly nose!

        1. miguelF1O (@)
          28th January 2011, 12:32

          its the same as the williams last year was different now its a coopy of williams

      2. I’m not just talking about the front wings. Aside from a couple of bits borrowed from Brackley, I’m not seeing much that’s different between the F10 and the F150.

        I am, however, pleased that the shark fin is gone. I’m hoping this will become the standard among the teams this year; the Red Bulls and Toro Rossos in particular always looked like semi-trailers with the shark fins anchored to the rear wing.

        1. tomforpresident
          28th January 2011, 9:47

          shark fins are banned this year

          1. No, only shark fins that connect to the rear wing. It’s the FIA’s way of stamping out F-ducts.

        2. I agree Prisoner Monkeys. When I saw the side angle I was relieved! And it actually looks quite pretty from the side. :)

          1. I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to have a shark-fin, as long as it doesn’t reach the rear wing.

          2. But horrible from the front! :(

        3. Yeah PM, the shark fin is gone but they “borrowed” (cough) from the W01 of Ross Brawn.

          What is wrong with these pple? Can’t they think of something new? :-( ….. arrggghhh!!

          1. Well, the F60 never had a shark fin.

        4. tomforpresident
          28th January 2011, 9:57

          i realised my mistake after i posted, hopefully they get forgotten anyway, unsightful things that they are.

          1. How do you know the shark fin is gone as stated in the other thread they didn’t have one at the launch last year.

          2. Teams may feel that because the shark fins cannot connect to the rear wing anymore, the gain in airflow is not worth the weight of the fin.

          3. What were they thinking? Being an Italian team you’d think they’d go for a sleek and classy livery.

            Instead we have exactly the same as last year with a horrific Ferrari Malboro logo slapped on the side and an Italian flag on the rear wing that looks like an after thought.

            All that empty space they could have filled with some kind of flowing Italian flag design or something. No effort at all. Terrible design.

        5. The difference is a ‘5’ between the ‘1’ and the ‘0’

      3. Side by side split view, front on.

    2. Younger Hamilton
      28th January 2011, 13:52

      No if you look at the Rear of the Car you can actually see the Livery at the back with the Italian Flag design on the Rear Wing and also besides the Single Diffuser is on the car,Remember Double Diffusers are banned for 2011.There’s plenty more differences from the 2010 Car(F10)

      1. @TommyB89 I wasn’t expecting much from Ferrari as far as the livery goes, but what do you think about the car? I think it looks great!

      2. I think the Italian flag on the rear is cool, and simple – surprised they’ve never done that before.

        As for the flags on the side of the car, it hardly constitutes a special livery. I was expecting more.

        The cynic in me claims that from an angle the new badge looks like the old white triangle they used to have above the words ‘Marlboro.’

        I’ll just stick to livery talk as it’s a watered down 2011 basically 2010 bodywork model.

  5. tomforpresident
    28th January 2011, 9:40

    the nose is much higher and the sidepods dont rise as much

  6. Is this the only picture??? :\

    1. You see the bit where it says “More to follow”? That means there’s more to follow.

      1. I just giggled! :P

      2. Lol Keith, rolling in the aisles with that one!

      3. Well done!

  7. Did I hear them correctly when they described Fernando Alonso as “moral champion”?

    First of all, you can only claim to be “moral champion” when the guy who is World Champion actually did something wrong, like, say, deliberately punting his championship rival off the road.

    Secondly, you cannot claim to be “moral champion” after Germany.

    1. you misheard, he was refering to massa in 2008.

      1. Yeah, the translator is a littl bit trance-inducing.

        1. No, you are trance-inducing… as usual when it comes to commenting ANYTHING about Ferrari!!!

      2. Now that is a logical claim. Yes it seems very derivative from last years car, but they always say, “God is in the details.”
        I like the new high nose, LOVE the lack of a sharkfin – I wish they were banned, and yes that is last years front wing, but if you look back at the launch of the F10, it was unveiled with the F60’s front wing. It’s just a coy way for Ferrari to unveil it’s new challenger without fully unveiling it.
        The last Ferrari that struck me as truly innovative aerodynamically was the F2008, but they always manage to come up with a quick car. With the F10 as a base, I am sure the F150 (feels weird to say that for a Texan like me) will be a quick car.

    2. “Moral Champion” only Ferrari huh? An it what way was Massa morale champion in 08, he lost for goodness sake, no one cheated and he lost.

      1. I take that back, Alonso cheated, the FIA went out of their way for Massa, thus in my book balancing any effect of Ferrari’s current no1 stealing the championship from ferrari.

  8. maybe it’s like the last year’s one… outside, but i hope that the revolution is inside.
    last year, everyone said about new Red Bull:”it’s just last year’s car!!” and no one noticed the blown diffuser.
    Hidden changes are the key for success, i hope it will be the same for Ferrari.

    1. I agree. It seems like they kept a lot of the aero design of last year’s car, and the changes are actually hidden. The F10 was really strong towards the end of the year, and I feel that F150 should be amongst the top 2 quickest cars on the grid.

  9. The nose is just horrible! I struggle to se how it will improve the car, it looks so out of place!

  10. The ‘shark fin’ isn’t banned this year – Connecting it directly to the rear wing is banned, as there’s no real need for it now after ditching the f-duct.

    1. tomforpresident
      28th January 2011, 9:53

      good point, forgot about the people that ran the unattached ones before the f-duct took hold.

  11. Will you be doing split screen comparisons like you did last year Keith.

    It’s really good to get a perspective of the old and the new.

    1. It’s something i like to see as well, but take in mind not much will change in the cars from last year!
      Last year it was a big deal since there was all the no-refueling rule, which caused cars to change drastically. This year, not much of a change..

    2. I’ve done the front view myself. You can really see the difference :

  12. The only difference on the design ar the mirrors and the diffuser. Everything else looks preety much the same.

  13. If they’re smart, they’re not going to show any new front wing developments until as late as possible, which might be why this is very similar to last year’s from the front.

    1. Especially because there are a lot of top teams launching their cars a little later on, they wouldn’t want to give away any ideas way too soon. I think the last test before the season starts will display the completely ready F150.

  14. They’ve photocopied last years car.

  15. Very high nose. Very low and small rear.
    They announced a revolutionary car, may be the secrets are “underware”, doesn’t look that innovative at a first glance.
    Engine cover seems to be “open”. Just my impression or reality?

    1. I know it’s not exactly thrilling, but last year’s car was contending for best on the grid by the end. McLaren’s ‘revolutionary’ design last year seemed more a liability than anything else. Fact is all the teams are still playing catch up with Red Bull and Newey, so do they revolutionize and hope it works out (and the car can adapt to any surprise innovations from other teams) or continue to develop something that’s working. I’d say McLaren need to change radically, Ferrari though needed a very good idea to make any serious changes worth the risk. Adapting smoothly to the new regs and tyres may be the best option, reducing the unknown variables.

      1. I think McLaren doesn’t need to change to radically rather adapt last years cars with improvements to make it more of an all rounder. What they lost out on last year was smoothly delivered downforce, an ease of set up and development.

        If they continue with an evolution of last years fairly successfull concept they’ll be able to bring there impressive development to bare better, as they did in 08.

    2. I think with these images is hard to tell, but if you check out the split view:

      You can see a massive improvement in the overall slipperiness of the car. It’s more tailored, less bulky, more refined. Smaller air intakes, higher nose channelling more air around the outside of the car aiding downforce but increasing the difference in pressure on the underside of the car. Cockpit is slightly higher, perhaps because of KERS. The nose is higher and flatter.

      Obviously it’s still red, which seems to confuse some people. It’s a big improvement on last years car imo, it’s just not as exciting to look at as say a Red Bull, or a McLaren.

  16. it’s True that the F150 looks a bit like the F10…BUT you can notice the new nose a bit high and all the car looks a bit high, i guess there are hidden stuff concerning the weight, like kers system (40 kgs — not sure about that) and the fuel, things that will bring the car a little bit close to the track..
    Anyway don’t forget that they will still be developing the car along the season…we wil have a nice Championship again this year.

  17. The nose is even higher!! And here I was thinking last year’s noses were high enough.

    Finally Ferrari’s sidepods are sculpted below like Mclaren’s and Brawn’s. Their air-box over the driver’s head seems to be half-way between the conventional intake and what Mercedez used last year. I had thought more teams would go for the Mercedez design as that would increase efficiency of the rear-wing (which is even more important this year).

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that the 2010 Mercedes airbox design is banned for 2011.

    2. The “blade” roll stucture that Merc used last year has been banned.

  18. How about the banning of aerodynamic wheel rims; wasn´t all rims supposed to look the same? Front rims look aerodynamical but I guess Ferrari just show the car with last years rims…?
    *Off to check 2011 tech. rgulations*

  19. Thanks for these, Keith.

    I haven’t read the other comments, so forgive me if I am repeating, but that logo on the side of the car is very obviously the top right-hand corner of a packet of Marlboro cigarettes.

    This is really disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed.

    1. It’s clever. Some MAD geek worked overtime on that logo and what he or she came up with is inspired.

  20. I see different shape of nose, sidepods and air intake, though these are not radical changes.

  21. Dazed and Confused
    28th January 2011, 9:58

    Horrible looking car. Total flop show by LDM & his translator. Epic fail.

    1. It’s not made to be good looking, it’s made to be fast.

      1. Dazed and Confused
        28th January 2011, 10:05

        Good looking cars are fast,like the F2008 or even the fw14b or the mp4/4.

        Ferrari has duped me by showing last years car.

        1. “Good looking cars are fast”
          Not neccesarely, the McLaren MP4-24 was fast in the end of 2009, despite being ugly.

        2. Or like the McLaren of previous year. As a Ferrari-fan it was hard to admit, but it was a beautiful car which looked (and was) very fast.

  22. Very similar radiator entry design to the Mclaren MP4-25 and the engine cover is a copy from last years Mercedes. From first glance I don’t see any innovation; let’s see what it’s got under the bonnet come Bahrain.

  23. I can see that they used the italian flag to cover the lost sponser(Eithad).

  24. Prisoner Monkeys and a lot of other people are already making the car look bad just because its not an english team doesn’t mean you start dissing Ferrari at every chance possible.

    1. Dazed and Confused
      28th January 2011, 10:06

      just because its not an english team

      what rubbish & Pm isn’t even english. Its just a fact thae the F150 is a vile looking piece of trash.

      1. Yeah you are saying that because you are probably some bias hater. The way people are talking here ooh its copying Mclaren and Mercedes they are not they are developing the car if this was in silver everyone would be ogling over it becuase it would be english.

      2. Last year we “english” said the f10 looked good, so pipe down

    2. Oh, quit it with the British Bias claims. People have a right to their opinion.

      1. Well its everywhere Media, Fans you are probably in there yourself. How come Autosport unveiled Ferrari secrets on thursday?? Because they do not want them to win.

        1. In case you hadn’t noticed, this isn’t Autosport. If you have a problem with them, go complain to them.

          1. Yes Keith I know im just saying Im not here to pick a fight with you.

        2. Shallow, very shallow Faraz. Insulting the intelligence of all the people that visit this site. Most of which aren’t British.

          1. Im British as well.

        3. Dazed and Confused
          28th January 2011, 10:31

          Autosport unveiled Ferrari secrets on thursday

          Faraz,quit your British hate. Ever heard of Darren Heath? His one photograph let to the FIA banning McLaren’s truly innovative independent braking system, something comparable to KERS. The device was perfectly legal, but a bunch of whingers from maranello went to uncle max to get ’em banned.

          Darren Heath was BRITISH, his actions almost caused a BRITISH team to lose their champions.

          Faraz, I politely ask you to drop the British bias thing.

          1. I do not have a britsh hate ok so everyone please stop bullying me. I express a little defence for Ferrari suddenly I have everyone turning against me and the sites owner is expressing his anger towards me as well Im Scottish and proud just because I like Ferrari
            that doesn’t mean everyone starts on me. I don,t start saying bad stuff about Mclaren or Red Bull when their is a topic on them. I defend Ferrari and everyone starts hating on me.

          2. Faraz – No one has a problem with you being a Ferrari fan, but you did accuse people of criticising them because they’re “not an English team”, which is hardly fair.

            Maybe you’ve not seen some of the recent comments here but there have been a few people complaining about perceived ‘British bias’, it’s got rather tedious and a lot of people are fed up with it (see this forum thread).

        4. Have you actually read the Autosport feature which claims to reveal Ferrari secrets?

          It does nothing of the sort, beyond speculating on the gearbox configuration and whether the amount of sidepod undercut will mirror Mclaren’s from 2010. This in a magazine published only 24 hours before the official launch where those features are on view to the world. I doubt Maranello are too worried.

          I’m an Autosport subscriber (for long enough to measure my subscriptions in decades, not years) but this particular “scope” wasn’t exactly the magazine’s finest hour.

      2. Thoroughly agree! If your’re a Brit and you moan about Ferrari your Biased but if you’re Italian (or a ferrari fan in general for that matter) and you’re bigging up the dirty reds, your just being loyal. I’m proudly British and a staunch Mclaren and Williams Fan in equal measure! Brawn too for that matter. I’m loyal to my teams and my country and if johnny foreigner can’t stomach that it’s just tough!! One rule for them and another for us, just like in football.

        Does anybody else hate the way the Pirelli Logo isn’t curved to flow with the shape of the tyre btw?

        1. Yep. From the very first pictures onwards. The pirelli’s I had with my Alfa had a curved logo, so they don’t need to design it from scratch even. It’s already part of their corporate style.

    3. Well they’ve given reasons for why they don’t think it’s a great car, what is it that makes you like it?

      Is it just because it’s a Ferrari or do you actually think it is new and innovative?

      If you do I’d love to hear you’re reasoning

  25. i really like the look of the car, then again i thought last years ferrari looked lovely.

    the italian flag on the underside or the rear wing is a nice touch too. are these the only pictures? the studio ones? i’d like to see the drivers etc standing around it and the whole display.

    i’m sad i know!

    1. These photos will be available in 30 minutes. 12:00 CET

  26. Finally, a very basic looking diffuser.

    1. Yeah they’ve nicked that off the back of the 2009 F60 ;)

      1. Thats cause the rules have been changed for diffusers.

        People who complain this car is a carbon copy of last years car are obviously blind to the fact that the rules are similar to last years = similar looking car. Don’t blame the designers if you don’t like the way it looks, blame the rule makers. Most of the cars this year are going to have similar features to the last years model. It all depends on the teams design philosphy.

        I personally don’t care if it looks like the back end of a doberman, I only care that it bites the opposition!

  27. I thought last years looked car in general looked basic and slow but I was wrong.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this one flies.

  28. This car doesnt have new parts. this car is a combination of Mercedes GP (back above an engine), Meclaren-Mercedes and Red Bull (nose)whith F10 modification. this car is very ugly!

    1. Well lets see what happens in Bahrain then people will be laughing.

    2. Dazed and Confused
      28th January 2011, 10:20

      Tell that to faraz & he’ll blame you of being a biased fanboy of english f1 teams.

      I agree its a horrible looking car. The raised nose made it even uglier.

      1. No if you don’t like it its fine but no one seems to say anything bad about any english team. Everone is always having a go at Ferrari Media fans everyone and before you start im British myself.

        1. Dazed and Confused
          28th January 2011, 10:40

          but no one seems to say anything bad about any english team

          Ok here you go mate. Mclaren is an evil empire led by a satanist who indulges in devil worship. Its Title sponsor Voodoo-fone follows the doctrine of a certain Crowley.

          happy now faraz? So drop the British bias thing.

          1. I don’t think that. Your name describes you perfectly Dazed and Confused.

          2. literally rolling on the floor laughing, excellent pic !

    3. You are judging its beauty by the components they allegedly stole from other teams? That is very.. unusual!

  29. Maybe they have gone for a solid base that can be developed.
    Unlike Mclaren last year which was too specialised and not that quick.

    A standardish car is the way to go IMO, unless a specialised car is a second quicker than anything else

    1. It was pretty nippy in a straight line if i remember. Won five GP and came 2nd in the championship. I hate for you to give comment on HRT ;-)

  30. Ooh Ooh! I see a difference! oh hang on…… no maybe not.

    1. Funniest comment so far!

      It does look awful similar but it was fast last year so why make it look nice and maybe mess it up.

  31. the-muffin-man
    28th January 2011, 10:21

    Would someone please show Pirelli how to curve their logo!! That straight logo on the tyres will really bug me this season!

    1. I was thinking the same thing Muffin Man! I mean they curved P-Zero, why can’t they curve the rest?!

    2. Haha, exactly. It looks like some random sticker put on the tyre.
      Fortunately, the lack of curve won’t be visible whilst the wheels are spinning.

      1. It wouldn’t look right curved on a tyre with the underline, it would look squashed thats why its square.

        You can’t see it when its moving anyway so serves two purposes