Renault R30 launch, 2010

Pictures: Renault R30 launched

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The Renault R30 has been unveiled by the team at Valencia. See the first pictures of the new car below.

Renault R30 launch

As was widely expected, the new livery marks a return to classic Renault yellow and black colours. The team used a similar scheme for its first F1 team from 1977 to 1985.

Since its return to F1 as a full constructor in 2002 Renault’s colour scheme has been largely dictated by sponsors.

Renault has lost 2009 title sponsors ING, who intended to pull out before 2010 but hastened their departure after the Singapore crash scandal. Mutua Madrilena also left the team at the same time.

Renault has also announced Vitaly Petrov will race for the team alongside Robert Kubica and revealed its two reserve drivers for 2010. More here:

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Renault R30 launch pictures

Pictures of the R30 at its launch:

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Renault R30 studio video

2010 F1 car launches

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153 comments on “Pictures: Renault R30 launched”

  1. Sweeeeet!

    1. nice livery vintage im surprised the car looks different then last years i was expecting the same but that nose is a lot different

      1. that russian must be an millionaire to support Renault

      2. just joking

  2. Shows just how ridiculous the green rim on the tyres is.

  3. Is that it??? It hardly looks any different from the R29.

    1. It is the R29 isn’t it. Looks like the one proposed one before they had to change it when they failed the crash tests.

    2. Unfortunately, that’s my first reaction too.

  4. I like. :D

  5. Yellow has returned to Formula 1… Hallelujah!

    1. the teams are slowly going back to there original colour schemes now, Mercedes with there silver, Renault are yellow/black again
      and Ferrari are red (obviously)

    2. What can I say about this livery other than…


      1. Nearly perfect, but I guess it’s not Total’s fault that whenever they were founded, they didn’t sync their corperate colours with those of Renault’s.

        1. I must be the only one that seems to love the Red. I think it makes it look even better.

          It looks a bit like a bee. How long will it take before we here Legard say something like…

          “The Renault certainly looks like a bee, but will it be able sting the opposition?”

  6. Why Red on the wings? Looks so out of place on Yellow and Black!

    Oh, and Petrov confirmed.

    1. Blame Total. It’s their colours. It would have looked much better with black sides instead of the red.

      However, that said I really like the new livery. Much better than last year’s McDonalds F1.

      1. CounterStrike
        31st January 2010, 15:59

        Blame Total totally for the livery mess up.

  7. CounterStrike
    31st January 2010, 15:41

    At last a relief! But looks like R29 painted in the retro livery. Waiting for close-ups of the nose :P

    1. It definitely looks like the R29

      1. I think you are right, as Tenault just anted to get the team and its livery launched today. New car is seemingly tucked away neatly in their gartrage awaiting for tomorrows anger and aggression.

    2. On Renault’s site they are described as studio pictures of the R30. But it looks a lot like the R29 – there’s no obvious sign of a larger fuel tank, for example.

      1. Any updates on this Keith? This has to be last year’s car, no?

        1. This comment from Cyclops is interesting as it seems the pictures taken this year and last year are very similar. But Renault say it is the R30.

          It could be this year’s car with last year’s aero. But even then the length and rear dimensions look too small.

          1. The whole car looks rather uninspiring and simple compared to what the other teams are unfurling from beneath their sheets.

          2. Boring car design, not a fan of the livery either (better than last year though)

          3. French motorsport journalist Jean-Louis Moncet reports on his blog that the car we were shown today (this isn’t quite clear) is “last year’s design” and a “mock-up based on the R29” and that the new, different car will “pu on the road very soon” (which seems an understatement as they’re set to test tomorrow!?) before “an evolution for Bahrein.” He also quotes Thibault Larue, another journalist, as saying that Renault are already planning an R30b for Canada.

            Ay Caramba!

          4. The question is why where they hiding the diffuser from a last year car?
            Are they planning to go testing with an R29 that has an R30 diffuser?

  8. Renaults front wing is very basic, AGAIN. Do they not understand development?

  9. The blank sides of this renault should answer any questions anyone has about why Petrov is in the motorhome. Big comedown for a double world championship winning squad to have no sponsors. Maybe Nick Fry’s no so useless after all.*

    * I kid. Nick Fry’s utterly useless.

  10. The tail fin seem to be a norm now :(

    1. I’m equally saddened.

      1. If Red Bull wants to out do everybody on the tail fin theirs will go way beyond the rear wing :p

  11. According to Jon Noble’s Twitter, Petrov pulled the covers off the car with Kubica, so it looks like that deal is finalised.

  12. Yay, finally! What about Lotus then? They’ll have a black livery, right? Like Virgin Gp…

    1. lotus should be green and yellow.

      1. I think Tony Fernandes gave a hint that their livery would be green and yellow, so no reason to believe it’ll be black.

  13. Am I the only one who thinks that looks disgusting?

    1. As I said, I think the red looks out of place on an otherwise awesome livery.

      1. Yeah, I did some yellow and black designs a while ago and tried some red on them, but thought they looked wrong.

        Its the engine cover thats letting it down for me. Its horrible.

    2. i’m right with you jeznon.

    3. I think it looks horrible too, so no you are not the only one. lol

    4. Yeah, I’m with you. Traditional it may be but it doesn’t seem to work for me. Possibly because the car itself is (IMHO) ugly.

      I think a better looking car (e.g. the Ferrari F10) would make the livery look better

      1. However – it’s still MUCH better than the vomit inducing colourschemes at Renault for the last couple of years.

        1. I’m not sure about that lol… ok, last years was pretty bad, but I quite liked the 07 and 08 liveries.

          … still can’t get over that engine cover. Yes… yes, I’ve just been sick in my mouth.

          1. Praveen Titus
            31st January 2010, 16:09

            The blue and yellow colour scheme was just great from 2002 to 2006.

    5. NOPE. me too, its rough!

  14. I find it very nice to see the color yellow back on the grid.

  15. That looks stunning! I love the livery. The car however…looks a bit basic. Can’t imagine it being that quick.

    Looks like they’re waiting for a title sponsor, there’s a nice big empty space.

  16. What happened to TW Steel? I thought they had announced a sponsorship deal but I cant see them anywhere… *is confused*

    1. They’re on the mirrors. Really really small though

  17. i can see TW Steel’s sponsorship, look at the front of the sidepod, you would see it from a front veiw photo.

  18. official photos

  19. This reminds me slightly of the old Jordan, “snake”, “shark”, and “hornet” liveries.

    Only slightly mind.

    I think it looks cool except for the red on the wings.

  20. Renault should get an award for progressing from the worst livery in 2009 to the best livery in 2010.

    Way to go!!

  21. @Woffin TW steel on the nose cone

    Agree with the rest of you. Not much development from last year except for the new paint job (which does look nice!)

  22. I may be alone in this but I prefer the R29 livery. This is great but I loved last year’s esp when ING left

    1. No, you’re not Steph! See below!

      1. Hivermind..
        It’s nice if you like yellow, I don’t. My favourite Renault livery was the R28.

    2. I think you may just be ;)

      But the car still looks unfinished, escpecially when its compared to the Sauber from earlier

  23. You know what… as much as I like this livery, I still prefer the 2009 Renault. I think ING should go crawling back to Renault, prodigal son style!!

    1. Ned you know your liveries so I’m happy we’re in agreement! Makes me feel a bit more sane for liking last year’s so much :)

  24. What are those 3 needle-shaped things on the front wing endplate?

    Was it there on last year’s car as well? Or some new innovation?

    1. They are in most cars.. it’s just they usually are below the front wing endplates

  25. CounterStrike
    31st January 2010, 15:58

    Why is there no live streaming of the launch? Surely Renault are not that cash stripped. They could have made use of this perfect Sunday morning to attract world wide viewers & some sponsorship. In the process expelling the negative vibes surrounding the team.

    Bad marketing strategy by Renault.

  26. Another team with a low key launch and a car lacking in sponsorship.

    Regarding the livery, while I like the yellow and black I think the red on the side of the wings doesnt work and I am not to keen on the yellow and black stripes on the engine cover it reminds me of the barcode livery which often replaced tobacco sponsors names at some Grand Prix and still does at with Marlboro at Ferrari, also the side pods defiantly need a sponsor or something there, preferably in black writing.

  27. That’s one of the most ugly car I have seen in recent years.

    1. Penelope Pitstop
      31st January 2010, 23:19

      THANK YOU! I think it’s hideous.