2008 Race of Champions video live now

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Here is the live broadcast of the 2008 Race of Champions via Freecaster.tv. More information on the 2008 RoC here.

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  • 13 comments on “2008 Race of Champions video live now”

    1. TommyBellingham
      14th December 2008, 16:22

      COOL NEW VETTEL HELMET! Wonder if he’s going to race in it next year :)

    2. So Schumacher & Vettel won the nations cup for Germany – but will an F1 driver finally win the overall competition?

      I think Schumacher’s got a good chance this year he looked strong in the nations cup stages. Him and Vettel in the final would be tasty (if it’s possible).

      There seems to be occasional connection problems with the video at my end, sorry if anyone is getting the same, maybe they underestimated the popularity of it.

    3. The feed has gone terrible in the last half an hour. :(

    4. Stadium seems half empty. I thought it was rammed to the rafters last year.

    5. Keith, this is my first year of the Race of Champions and I must say it has not disappointed. Seeing Wembley Stadium like that is amazing and the sound of Hamilton’s McLaren going round a few moments ago was outstanding through a computer so the atmosphere inside the stadium must be electric. I would love to see a Schumacher and Vettel final, would be good to see the future of the sport against one of the greats battle it out.

      On a damper note I too also have connection problems every now and then but I find a simple page refresh usually sorts it out in around 20 seconds :)

    6. Michael Schumacher beaten by Carl Edwards! Well, well…

    7. Looks as though my Schumacher and Vettel final hopes are not happening then, Vettel just got eliminated. The commentators on the stream are very amusing. Joking earlier how they didn’t bother applying for BBC lol.

    8. The F1 guys seem to be at a bit of a disadvantage don’t they? I’ve only been watching for a short while, but it doesn’t look like they have any single seater cars.

    9. arg, the feed was amazing all day until the actual Race of Champions. It picked up again about half way through but then on the last lap of the last race it broke :(

      Mostly very, very good for an internet feed though. And a fun and exciting event. Lets hope they can handle more traffic next year.

    10. I was hoping D.C. could pull it off…..he did well though,Congrats to Loeb.

    11. oh and thanks Keith for saying that this was being broadcast, wouldn’t have known otherwise.

    12. I have got say well I am Stock car over Open Wheel and I am a huge fan of Edwards. To know he beat M. Schumacher, Just is the coolest thing I could have seen.

    13. Did 99 do a back flip after he knocked off the German? The guy might drive stock cars, but he is a racer through and through. After his attempted pass on Jimmy Johnson in Kansas this year, how could you not love the guy?


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