2008 Bahrain GP preview: predictions

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Bahrain Grand Prix 2007 start, 470150

What are your predictions for the Bahrain Grand Prix?

Here’s who I think will win – place your bets below…

I think Bahrain will be the first race where we see a straight fight between Ferrari and McLaren without the mayhem we saw at Melbourne or the penalties at Sepang getting in the way.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the Ferraris lining up on the front row of the grid with the McLarens on the second, unless BMW are going to try their aggressive low-fuel first stint strategy again.

Felipe Massa just can’t make the kind of mistakes he’s made in the last two races but I think he will play it conservatively just to get some points on the board. That will allow Lewis Hamilton into second place – but I don’t think he’s going to be able to keep up with Kimi Raikkonen.

Despite their troubles at Sepang I’m not writing off Williams yet – I think Nico Rosberg will qualify inside the top ten and drivers like him, Jarno Trulli and Mark Webber are going to be headache for Fernando Alonso who’s Renault just doesn’t seem to be quick enough yet. Bringing the car home in the top eight will be an achievement for the former champion.

My top three prediction:

1. Kimi Raikkonen
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Felipe Massa

What’s yours?

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  • 46 comments on “2008 Bahrain GP preview: predictions”

    1. 1. Raikkonen
      2. Hamilton
      3. Heidfeld

      Massa will bring home some points, but BMW continues their string of podiums and keeps the championship race close.

    2. I’m going out on a limb here and say:

      1. Raikkonen
      2. Hamilton
      3. Kovalainen

      I don’t think Massa will get it this time either. Sand + No TC = not a good place for Felipinho

    3. Realistic:
      1.- Raikkonen

      but i think  another 2nd place for Nick won’t be a big surprise… I really hope he’ll make into the podium again, or at least Kubica.

    4. 1. kovalainen
      2. hamilton
      3. heidfeld

    5. Good Keith, Let’s talk a little about race. Last year Lewis followed Felipe all through the first stint and in some laps has done some pressure making fastest laps. I´m not convinced yet that the two teams have switched their 2007 tracks high performance as someone’s has suggested. So, I think that Felipe will fail in his confidence in Bahrain leaving Kimi alone in field. And McLaren could fight Kimi in a fuel strategy to beat him using his two boys. I think McLaren is going to win then: – Lewis – Kimi – Heikki

    6. 1. Massa
      2. Kimi
      3. Kubica

      Risky prediction (i know)

    7. Kimi

      Trulli in the points.

    8. Thing with last year is that I seem to remember Lewis wasn’t too bad in the first/last stint but he struggled with his tyres in the middle (were they hard or softs?) .Otherwise he could have probably beat Massa and I agree with Becken that not a lot has changed in terms of Ferrari/McLaren tracks but I think the differences between the two are much less.

      I’m going to suggest Felipe to take the pole but for Hamilton to win the race , Raikonnen will be second and possibly Kovy for third place…

    9. 1 – Raikonen
      2 – kovalainen
      3 – hamilton

    10. Frecon, that may indeed be bold, but I like it. I was thinking either of the BMW drivers in third- Heidfeld just came to mind first for me.

    11. TommyBellingham
      4th April 2008, 0:33


    12. Franck Favennec
      4th April 2008, 1:15

      I think the result will be 1 Raikkonnen 2 Massa 3 Kovalainen

    13. 1. Kovalainen
      2. Kimi
      3. Heidfeld

      Pole – Felipe, but spins off on first corner

    14. 1)Massa

      You need to be impartial to made a racional prediction. 

    15. I’m wih Bigotez, Keith:

      1. Raikkonen
      2. Hamilton
      3. Kovalainen

      I think Massa will struggle again, and that we will see both BMW’s in 5th and 6th. Alonso will have a hard time again.

    16. Ben Goldberg
      4th April 2008, 5:01

      I want Kimi to win, but I get the feeling that Massa is going to win like last year. So if none of that unpredictable stuff happens…

      1. Massa
      2. Raikkonen
      3. Kovalainen

    17. 1. Kimi
      2. Kovalainen
      3. Heidfeld/Trulli
      ie if sand does not play a huge role and we have a decent no. of race finishes

      1. Kimi
      2. Kovalainen
      3. Alonso
      if we have a case of Aus all over again (<10 finishers)

    18. Raikkonen

      … he has to finish the race one day :-)

    19. 1. Massa.
      2. Kimi.
      3. Hamilton.

    20. I think Massa may genuinely have a problem with no TC, but I also think he may be capable of bouncing back under pressure. Ferrari all the way for me, so 1. Massa, 2. Hamilton, 3. Kubica. Raikkonen with some (mechanical) problems in 4th and both Williams’ in the points. Pole to Massa by .003.

    21. Williams are looking good… I think Rosberg might get onto the podium, but only if a Ferrari or Mclaren has problems.

    22. 1. kimi
      2. lewis
      3. heikki
      4. nick
      5. robert
      6. massa after a spin

    23. Votes for the winners so far:

      Kimi Raikkonen 12
      Felipe Massa 5
      Heikki Kovalainen 2
      Lewis Hamilton 1

      Any more?

    24. Massa

    25. Assuming Massa keeps it all pointing in the right direction he will do well, but not enough to beat Kimi – and McLaren don’t seem to have enough pace to trouble either of them at the moment.

      1.  Kimi
      2.  Massa
      3.  Heikki

    26. 1 Kimi
      2 Massa
      3 Hamilton

      I think Massa will play it safe, but the Mac’s just don’t seem to have the pace to challenge the Ferrari’s

    27. Hamilton

    28. theRoswellite
      4th April 2008, 14:33

      Hamilstud…makes rare unforced error.

      Kimiking…has luck "desert" him.

      Massaster…gets sand in his eyes.

      So,  we end up with:      Heikki hikes unto top step
                                               The Fortunate One, RK, is a Place
                          ….and………..Trulli finally, and truly, rewards Mr. T
      All for the good of the Realm.

    29. My prediction:

      And the daft crazy not thinking straight prediction goes as:

    30. I think its time for Massa


    31. 1. Kubica
      2. Raikkonen
      3. Hamilton

    32. 1. Massa
      2. Raikkonen
      3. Hamilton

    33. Edinburger Neil
      4th April 2008, 17:16

      I think !

      1. Massa
      2. Hamilton
      3. Kovaleinen

    34. 1. Raikkonen 2. Massa 3. Kubica 4. Kovalainen 5. Heidfeld 6. DNF – Hamilton

    35. Massa on pole;

      1. Kimi
      2. Massa
      3. Hamilton

    36. Raikkonen will always be faster than Massa in a race, and Kovaleinen will start to regularly beat Lewis, so 1. Kimi, 2. Massa, 3. Heikki.

    37. Lady Snowcat
      4th April 2008, 18:19


      Well Massa has to finish a race soon…. doesn’t he?….

    38. 1. Hamilton
      3. Rosberg

    39. kimi

    40. hamilton – kimi – heidfeld

    41. AmericanTifosi
      4th April 2008, 19:41


      Hamilton is going to get punished for changing his engine and gearbox from his crash. Massa will crash. Nick or Nico will come in third, Jenson will score points both Torro Rossos will finish in the points or not finish at all.

    42. hummm… I think Lewis can´t be punished…

    43. nice to see someone else trusting BMW and picking Robert to make the podium

    44. 1. Raikonnen2. Rosberg3. Massa

    45. 1)Raikonnen

    46. 1. Kimi
      2. Massa
      3. Lewis.

      Massa will take pole, but Kimi will leapfrog him in the pits. The Mclaren’s will have a relatively lonely race – too far behind the Ferraris to challenge, but faster than the Beemers.

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