F1 in the blogs 36: Why Indy lost F1

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United States Grand Prix, Indianapolis, 2004, startSome of the top posts from the F1 blogs this week, including more analysis of F1 leaving America, the espionage scandal, new gearbox rules, and James Hunt.

Check out the links below for some good reading.

F1 Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Indianapolis – Goodbye F1, hello MotoGP

Great post from The Fastest Lap on how F1 priced itself out of the market in America. They reckon it will cost Indianapolis Motor Speedway one quarter the amount to host Moto GP as it did the F1 race.

More F1 in the blogs

What of Vodafone? – McLaren recently pinched Vodafone off Ferrari as sponsor – what must their impression be of the espionage scandal?

Honda confirm Button & Barrichello for 2008 – No change at Honda for next year – except, they hope, in the car’s performance…

Bernie Ecclestone is so right – A writer reckons F1 should team up with NASCAR.

The Future Gearbox Rule – Before Europe 2007 – How would the upcoming rule limiting gearboxes changes have affected the races this year?

Big balls and mutton chops – Looking back on the career of James Hunt.

Vijay Mallya Targeting 2010 Formula 1 Race – More on the man behind India’s Grand Prix bid.

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2 comments on “F1 in the blogs 36: Why Indy lost F1”

  1. I wouldn’t sell Bernie Ecclestone a ticket to a NASCAR event let alone allow him to insert a single line in ANY contract. That man is a Cancer that can destroy anything.

  2. The reason I completely disagree with F1 at Daytona, not that I’d mind the proximity of the event, is that a really bad accident involving Indy cars there in the 50’s resulted in that style of car being banned from racing there. That ban was since lifted for winter practice last year on the stipulation that the cars drive on the motorcycle infield, but I don’t think one-seat cars will officially race there anytime soon.

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