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Bernie Ecclestone has told French sports magazine L’Equipe that up to three European Formule One Grands Prix could be under threat:

“There are two Grands Prix in Italy, two in Germany … more or less two in France if you consider that Monaco and France are related. I think that three Grands Prix could disappear without any problem…”We have several host candidates, more than we can meet, and we can’t increase the calendar endlessly.”

Red Bull Cosworth, Monte-Carlo, 2006Surprisingly even the world-renowned Monaco Grand Prix (pictured) seems to figure in Ecclestone’s reasoning, although the prestige that event brings to the sport make it unthinkable that it could ever be dropped. To put it another way, the axed Spa-Francorchamps and Suzuka may be popular with the fans, but Monte-Carlo rakes in the cash, which is all that matters.

Mercifully, Ecclestone seems to be leaving Silverstone alone. For the time being, at least.

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